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    maría roldán was born in 1987 in bogotá, colombia where she currently lives and works. Roldán has left the city on various occasions to further her education, though, perhaps because of the mountains, she always returns. in 2010, she spent a year studying abroad in the universidad de barcelona, and later, in 2013, she arrived in lisbon, where she remained for three years while she completed a master's degree in glass arts in a program coordinated between the universidad de lisboa and the universidad nova de lisboa. rather than pursuing a career as a glassblower, she came with the desire to pursue an unconventional master's degree in the arts. her goal was to get her hands dirty and investigate concepts that, distanced from logical procedures, would take her to methods of sculpting and installing driven by errors, accidents and intuition. 

    her visual works move between, through, across and around sight lines and veiled transparencies; they move in relation to constructions that present binaries or indicate dichotomies; they move in relation to arrangements of elements that fragment or divide, thus revealing something about those opposing spaces that are rarely seen; they move in relation to the idea of transiting barriers, of crossing borders. she is interested in intensive material processes —nearly strenuous processes— wherein the end results are arrived at through small fragments that come together to create a whole.

    roldan's work demonstrates the exploration of materials as the expansion of space: their complexity, their varying rhythm in space-time. she investigates the transparent, translucent and opaque characteristics of materials while also investigating the possibilities of construction offered by these selfsame materials: the possibilities of expansion and contraction of a material are behaviors that adjust to the exploration she has been examining in time. roldan pursues an understanding of space as a material for experimentation.